Board of Directors and Committees Chairs


Board of Directors

  President - Click to contact Steve Hirsch                    
  Executive Vice-President              Karen Weil       
  1st Vice-President Stephen Potash
  2nd Vice-President Batia Karabel
  Secretary Ed Cheng
  Treasurer Richard Cohen
  Past President Barbara Dab
  Executive Committee Board Member Sue Schwartz
  Executive Committee Board Member Andrea Thaler
  Executive Committee Board Member Rodney Rosenblum
  Executive Committee Board Member Steve Hecklin
  Executive Committee Board Member Frank May
  Board Member Adina Barocas
  Board Member Ayal Bitton
  Board Member Beth Davis
  Board Member Randall Gross
  Board Member Jerry Levine
  Board Member  Ted Mayden
  Board Member Mickey Metzman
  Board Member Evan Nahmias
  Board Member Laurel Orley
  Board Member Martha Segal
  Board Member Matt Segal
  Board Member Abby Sparks
  Board Member Sam Wolf
  Board Member Harriet Workman
  Men's Club Representative to the Board Mike Gryll
  Sisterhood Representative to the Board Ellen Potash


Committee Chairs

  Beit Miriam Brian Lapidus
  By Laws Susan Limor
  Cemetery Steve Potash
  Dues and Assessments  Richard Cohen
  Finance and Budget Richard Cohen
  High Holidays Andrea Thaler / Jim Handler / Sue Schwartz
  Investment and Endowment Ben Doochin
  We Care Phyllis Helderman / Lynne Rosenblum
  Personnel Aron Karabel
  Ritual  Michael Herman
  Security  Ted Thaler 
  Social Action Robert Stein
  USY/Kadima  Helen Crowley