Religious School Registration

2018-2019 School Year


 First Day of Beit Miriam: SUNDAY, AUGUST 26!

In order to anticipate registration and make a commitment to our faculty for next year, we hope that you will register as soon as possible. We will take registration forms all summer long. Register online or print out the registration form.  One Signature Page, Emergency/Medical Form and, Covenant of Conduct (2nd - 11th Grade) per family must be printed and submitted.  There is no online option for these additional forms. All forms must be updated each year for each student. Please return completed forms, with your non-refundable registration deposit of $125 made out to: West End Synagogue, with Beit Miriam Tuition in the memo line.  The non-refundable registration deposit is $125.00 per student and will be credited to your tuition. 


Registration Options:

You may register by printing out a registration form or use our online registration form.   

You may register up to 4 children on the same form as long as they all live in the same house and have the same parents.  If any information is different, it is necessary to fill out a separate registration for each child.  

Regardless of how you register, you must fill out 1 Signature Page per family (Signature Page contains photo permission, field trip permission, etc.), 1 Emergency/Medical Form per family, and 1 Covenant of Conduct Form (for students in 2nd – 11th Grade).  The information for these forms must be updated each year for each student. 


Paper Registration Process

Online Registration Process

  • Click here to begin Online Registration.    
  • Print out Signature Page (one per student).
  • Print out Emergency/Medical Form (one per student).
  • Print out Covenant of Conduct Page (one per student 2nd - 11th grade).
    • These pages must be must be submitted in writing.  Online/email submissions will not be accepted.  Fill out Signature Page and mail with deposit check payable to:  West End Synagogue Beit Miriam, 3810 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37205.
  • Receipt of your check and the signature page will complete registration.   


Click Here for the 2018-2019 Beit Miriam Calendar!

Signature Page - One per family
Paper Registration Form


If you have any questions, please contact Emily Ress Grove at or (615) 269-4592 ext. 18.