Get Rid of Your Chametz

by WES Office>

Get rid of your Chametz and give it to Police Chief Anderson! 

Before Passover we cleanse our homes of all Chametz. It is a mitzvah to get rid of your Chametz. In order to ensure that you do not own any Chametz during Passover, we arrange a proxy sale through Rabbi Joshua Kullock. Jewish law allows us to keep the valuable Chametz we are not willing to destroy or give away. You may put it all away in a safe place in your home before Passover, and sign a document giving Rabbi Joshua Kullock the authority to sell it to a non‑Jew for the duration of the holiday. Since you want to be certain that your Chametz will not be touched during Passover, this year Rabbi Joshua Kullock will be selling it to Chief Anderson of the Metro Nashville Police. Please sign the form at the bottom of this flyer to give Rabbi Joshua Kullock the power of attorney to sell your Chametz. It is customary to offer a donation which will benefit people in our congregation who need help with kosher food for seder.

Click here to download and print the form! Please mail the form or bring it into the office by Wednesday, March 28.