Prayer and Ritual…the central component for a house of worship. For some it is an opportunity to rededicate oneself to G-d and the tenets of our faith. Others have a chance to contemplate their lives and what is important to them. Services give people time to interact with friends, meditate or just relax. We can feel challenged and seek to learn from the Cantor, teachers and each other. Our traditions and faith are passed on to our children.

Whether you enjoy the solemnity of a High Holy Day service, the joy of Simchas Torah, the intimacy of our twice daily minyanim, or the comfort of a quiet Shabbat, our congregation will have a varied religious experience that engages you and your family.

At West End Synagogue we welcome everyone to find what prayer and ritual can provide them. What role will our congregation and community play in your life and what level of participation gives you joy and satisfaction?  Come, explore and be part of our community.


Weekly Service Schedule

*Please note that on holidays times will most likely differ. See below for Daily Minyan schedule.

*Minyan on January 1 will be at 8:00 a.m.

Morning Minyan

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  

6:42 am            

Morning Minyan


Tuesday*, Friday

*Torah Study follows Minyan on Tuesdays

7:00 am 


Morning Minyan  Sunday 9:00 am
Evening Minyan


6:00 pm

Kabbalat Shabbat Friday 6:00 pm
Morning Shabbat Service    Saturday 9:30 am